The moment you arrive at the Haida Gwaii Glamping Co. you can feel the city bit by grimy bit fall away.  Your shoulders loosen up, your lungs expand, your ears begin to pick up...could that be a birdsong?

Haida Gwaii Glamping Co. offers a boutique camping experience with a cool twist of luxury and nature together. 10 lux cedar pole prospector tents, 4 on the beach and 6 in the rainforest, each tent is over 300sq ft and designed with your comfort in mind.

We have designed the land and amenities based on ideas seen on our travels and experiences throughout the years:  The BBQ area inspired by a special place in Maui, the driftwood lounge chairs Alana saw in the South of France, to the S'mores our stepmother makes sure are served nightly at Peregrine Fishing Lodge, which our family has owned for over 30 years!   Each tent is complete with a 120 sq ft deck and a private ensuite for your comfort; toilet, sink and shower.  

We want you to do whatever the heck you please! Relax, refresh and just plain chill or adventure out and play! So much to do and see on Haida Gwaii!   Whatever it is, you'll find it here.

Haida Gwaii Glamping Co is pretty low key. No butler, no room service or restaurants on site. We do offer a simple daily continental breakfast as well as a mini smoothie station. Cook up a storm in our geodesic dome social house or on the huge multi bbq and crab cooking deck. 

We have created a piece of paradise for you.  A mid spring to fall glamping resort on 6.2 acres at the edge of the world.  We hope you enjoy our home and our vision as much as we do.

Roughing it… optional



Hi There! Alana and Nicole here...a few common questions answered

Q 1) Were you girls brought up on Haida Gwaii? 

Yes! Both born and raised on Haida Gwaii and our Mom, Linda has lived there since'72

Q 2) Is it true you've been honorarily adopted by the Haida?       

Yes! Our Mom, as well as both of us.  Our Haida family are Geri, Ginger, Christine, Clifford and Lloyd Moody and we are of the Raven Wolf Clan.  We love our Haida Mom Geri very much - as she says "love you more than all of the sockeye in the sea"

Q 3)  How did Haida Gwaii Glamping Co. come about?     

We wanted a business that would have us home on Haida Gwaii & near our Mom during the North American Pacific summers. We asked ourselves what does HG need? Accommodations!  So, we set about creating a magical spot for people to visit.


  Haida Gwaii Glamping Co.

  302 - 2036 Island Hwy South 

  Campbell River, BC, V9W 0E8